Leading chefs, restaurant and catering managers and discerning home cooks are discovering that Te Puna Limes are their first choice for superior essence in both juice and zest.

Te Puna Limes are grown in two highly specialised orchards. Located in a unique corner of the renowned Bay of Plenty, Te Puna has a micro-climate which grows the finest quality limes – outstanding in flavour and amount of juice, zing of zest and as large as lemons.

The tree ripened limes are picked with care by professional pickers twice weekly through the season to ensure freshness and quality. They are then meticulously inspected and graded, with only the best Te Puna Limes being shipped out fresh to our customers.

We take great care of our trees - the soil is fed with calcium and other mineral nutrients to keep the trees healthy.  The few nuisance bugs that pester citrus are controlled with natural Neem Oil. Our orchards are control irrigated to maintain the optimum soil moisture necessary to support rapidly growing fruit in the summer. And the care pays off – resulting in the phenomenal fruit that is the Te Puna Lime.

Te Puna Limes have full, rich flavoured juice, and the zest has an irresistible tang - perfect for culinary creations. Read some of the recipes provided by international chef, Kevin Blakeman.
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What makes the Te Puna Limes special? The particular micro-climate, the care we take with picking and selection, orchard management, and more. Click to read what creates the uniqueness of the Te Puna Lime
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